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Workplace therapy

As an Occupational Psychologist my aim is to improve the job satisfaction of individuals, identifying and realising their full potential.

I have extensive experience conducting workplace therapy and I am qualified in providing counselling to entrepreneurs and employees: I help them manage their careers and I support them in becoming more successful, while also increasing their personal well-being.

I offer guidance and advice to employees and students in order to help them being more assertive and improving their communication skills. I also work with individuals who have no idea what they want to do as a career, helping them find their path.

Common subjects to my work as an occupational psychologist include:

  • Burnout
  • Work-related stress
  • Communication issues
  • Lack of assertiveness
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Bullying, harassment and conflict
  • Negative emotions in the workplace
  • Career development
  • Motivation
  • Leadership